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2017 – 2018

“ALCHEMY 4”, 16th Biennial International Juried Enamel Exhibition, The Enamelist Society Conference, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg TN, USA.
The Exhibition travelled as follows; • Arrowmont – Sandra Blaine Gallery, Gatlinburg, TN Summer 2017
• Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, OH Fall 2017
• National Ornamental Metals Museum, Memphis, TN Winter 2018

2017 “Fragment”, Stanley St Gallery,  Sydney
2017 “How does your garden grow”, Goulburn regional Gallery,  Goulburn
2016 "Salon of Infectious Ideas" Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney
2016 The 50th International Enamelling Art Exhibition, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo Japan


"Dreams and Shadows" Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney
2014 Group Exhibition at Artline Gallery, Osaka Japan
2014 The 45th International Enamelling Art Exhibition, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo Japan
2013 “Heat Exchange”, Galerie Waidspeicher im Kulturhof Krönbacken, Erfurt, Germany
2011 -- 2014 “Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor”, 100 Women 100 Brooches 100 Stories - Artisan Gallery Queensland, Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design SA; Grafton Regional Gallery NSW; Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery NSW; Bunbury Regional Gallery WA; Geralton Regional Gallery WA, Latrobe Regional Gallery, VIC
2012 "Heat Exchange" Shemer arts Centre, Phoenix arizona, USA
2011 The 44th International Enamelling art Exhibition, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2009 “Fired up at the Top End”, Framed Gallery, Darwin, Northern Territory
2009 “Alumina”, recent work of Gold & Silversmithing  Workshop Alumni, ANU Gallery, Canberra, ACT
2007 Fusion, the Enamelist Society Exhibitions 2007, Cultural Arts Centre,City of Columbus, Ohio. USA
2006 “Expeditions ‘06”, Metalab Studio & Gallery, Sydney
2006 “omniscience”, ANU School of Art, Visual Arts Graduate Season, School of Art Gallery, Canberra  ACT
2004 Memento Exhibition with Margie McClelland - Photoghrapher, Sturt Gallery, Mittagong, NSW
2004 Memento Exhibition, Shear Outback Museum, Hay, NSW
2004 37th International Enamelling Art Exhibition, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo,  Japan
2003 16th International Cloisonné Jewellery Contest, Tokyo,  Japan
2003 on the EDGE, 9th Biennial International Juried Enamel Exhibition,  USA
2002 36th International Enamelling Art Exhibition, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo,  Japan
2002 New Work exhibition, Barbara Ryman and Merilyn Bailey, Sturt Gallery, Mittagong,  NSW
2001 Invitational “Colour and Light” International Indian Enamel Exhibition, New Delhi,  India
2000 Solo Exhibition “Voyager”, Makers Mark Gallery, Melbourne and Sydney,  Australia
2000 NCEG 5th International Enamel Exhibition, California,  USA
2000 “Enamels…Out if the Fire”, International Exhibition, San Diego, CA  USA
1999 Invitational ”Leaves of Glass and Other Treasures”, Fremantle Arts Centre,  Western Australia
1999 33rd International Enamelling Art Exhibition, Tokyo,  Japan
1997 Fire in the Heart - Australian Enamel, Craftspace,  Sydney
1997 Contemporary Wearables Award Exhibition, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery( travelling exh)
1997 Painting With Fire, Michael Sourney Gallery, Brisbane,  Queensland
1996 9th International Exhibition of Enamelling Art, Tokyo,  Japan
1996 9th Cloisonne Jewellery Contest, Tokyo,  Japan
1996 "Expressions in Glass",International Exhibition, Metro Galleries, Brisbane,  Queensland
1995 Email International 3, Kunstverein Coburg,  Germany
1995 Email International Exhibition, Gallerie Hock-Grasslin,  Germany
1995 International Exhibition of Enamelling Art, Royal Ueno Museum,  Japan
1995 Great Expectations, Enamellist Society Exhibition,  USA
1995 4th National Enamel Exhibition, Craftspace,  Sydney
1995 Contemporary Wearables, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery,  Queensland
1995 3rd Int. Exh. of Enamel Art, Coburg,  Germany
1995 Precious Possessions, Makers Mark, Melbourne
1994 Shosenkyo Enamel Museum, Tokyo,  Japan, opening exhibition
  Biennale Internationale de l'Email, Limoges,  France
1994 3rd National Enamel Exhibition, Craftspace,  Sydney
1993 7th Cloisonne Jewellery Contest, Tokyo,  Japan
1993 4th Premi Emison d'Esmalt, Barcelona,  Spain
1993 2nd National Enamel Exhibition, Craftspace,  Sydney
1992 Wendy Hall & Barbara Ryman, Crawford Gallery,  Sydney                                                            
1991 3rd Enamellist Society Juried Exhibition, Kentucky,  USA
1991 Wendy Hall & Barbara Ryman, The Makers Mark,  Melbourne
1990 Glass on Metal, TSIT Gallery,  Launceston
1989 Wendy Hall & Barbara Ryman, The Makers Mark,  Melbourne
1989 New Enamel Work - Wendy Hall & Barbara Ryman, Contemporary Jewellery Gallery,  Sydney
1987 5 Interpretations, The Makers Mark,  Melbourne
1986 4 Enamellists, Contemporary Jewellery Gallery,  Sydney
1986 Les Biennales de Laval Enamel Exhibition, Quebec,  Canada
1985 Portable Crafts, Crafts Council of NSW,  Sydney
1983 Solo Exhibition, Market Row Gallery,  Sydney
1982 Australian Jewellery,  Travelling Exhibition to Europe
1982 Email, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences,  Sydney
1981 Aust. Contemporary Jewellery Survey, Qld Art Gallery,  Brisbane
1981 5 Jewellers, Robin Gibson Galleries,  Sydney


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